Los Angeles Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Despite what you may have heard, the bankruptcy process is still available for those people who need to find their way out of debt.

If you are a wage earner with a regular income, you can eliminate some debts and reduce others by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You can pay back taxes, back child support and alimony, and a small amount on your remaining debt each month, without penalties or interest. After a few short years, you can emerge from the process with confidence and the expectation of better times ahead.

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Protecting Your Home, Car, and Personal Property

A lawyer at our firm can discuss your options and whether a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you. For some people, we recommend a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

Whatever option you choose, we can take action that very day. As soon as we file for you, we can stop foreclosure actions, repossession actions, garnishment, and creditor harassment.

Under Chapter 13, you can keep your home, your car, and personal property. We may even be able to remove a second or third mortgage entirely. Your unsecured debts are reduced or eliminated. You will have a manageable monthly payment to repay a portion of your debts from your disposable income. A new financial future may be possible for you.

We Guide You Through the Process

At Simon Resnik Hayes LLP, our job is to guide our clients to a new and better life after bankruptcy. We take care of everything – from filing papers in court, to negotiating with creditors to reduce your debt, to developing a repayment plan and getting it approved by the Court.

At the time we file Chapter 13 bankruptcy for you, you will owe only the court filing fee. Simon Resnik Hayes LLP offers reasonable upfront fees and payment plans to help you preserve your money.

Call now – debt relief and financial freedom are just a phone call away.

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