Remington Files for Bankruptcy

Remington, one of the nation’s oldest gun manufacturers, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy court protection following heavy debts and falling sales. Remington Files for Bankruptcy Remington Outdoor, a maker of shotguns, rifles and handguns since 1816, and its subsidiaries submitted a Chapter 11 petition to the federal bankruptcy court in Delaware this past Sunday. The petition […]

Claire’s Files for Bankruptcy

Jewelry chain Claire’s Stores has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, in an attempt to escape huge debts. Claire’s Files for Bankruptcy The retailer, known for its ear piercing services and its appeal to teens, said it’s confident it will be able to survive the bankruptcy. The company has secured support from leading secured lenders, […]

Toys R Us is Converting Chapter 11 to Chapter 7

It appears that toy retailer Toys R Us is now converting its Chapter 11 case into a Chapter 7 case. Though the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last September, it appears the company will not be able to follow through with that plan. Toys R Us is Converting Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 […]

The Foreclosure Process and How to Recover

Foreclosure is a frightening thing to face. Here’s some more information on what foreclosure is, what the process involves, and how you can recover from it. Foreclosure Is A Process Foreclosure is a series of events during which a lender attempts to recover the balance of a loan from a borrower who is unable to […]

The Weinstein Company Declares Bankruptcy

The Weinstein Company has announced it will be filing for bankruptcy, following the fall-through of sell-off deal. The Weinstein Company Declares Bankruptcy The Weinstein Co. announced this week that it will file for bankruptcy after a deal for the sale of the company fell apart. The disgraced studio was in talks with a group led […]

New Changes for Student Loan Debt and Bankruptcy?

It appears the Department of Education might be interested in tweaking the current standards used for determining whether or not student loan debt can be discharged in bankruptcy. What steps the department might take in regards to student loan debt and bankruptcy, are still unclear. New Changes for Student Loan Debt and Bankruptcy? The Department of […]

Options for Debt Relief

There’s no doubt that debt is one of the most serious problems facing people across the nation. Being in debt is a hard spot to crawl out from. Everything seems to pile up: payments on credit cards, consumer loans, and student loans pile up on top of living expenses like rent and simply putting food […]

Holding on to Property During Bankruptcy

Facing bankruptcy can make you unsure of a lot of things. Namely, what will happen to your personal property? Because bankruptcy means you are seeking help to get back on strong financial footing, chances are you will need to forfeit some of your property to do so. This is done through the process of liquidating […]

Toys R Us Closes Stores

At the end of last year toy retailer Toys R Us announced it would be filing for Chapter 11. This week, the company filed court documents that outline plans to close up to 182 stores as part of that bankruptcy reorganization plan. Toys R Us Closes Stores Last year the Wayne New Jersey-based toy retailer […]

Refinancing Student Loans To Avoid Bankruptcy

It can be very difficult, if not impossible, to discharge student loans through bankruptcy. But if you are suffering under overwhelming amounts of debt, there are options for you including debt consolidation of your other debt, and also bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act In 2005 the bank lobby enacted the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention […]