Hasbro Anticipates Toys R Us Bankruptcy to Impact Holiday Sales

Hasbro Inc is forecasting that Toys’R’Us’ bankruptcy will weaken holiday sales.  Toys’R’Us’ is the most recent brick and mortar retailer to fall victim to an increasing rate of online shopping. Hasbro Anticipates Toys R Us Bankruptcy to Impact Holiday Sales In the wake of Toys’R’Us’ bankruptcy filing, Hasbro, which was selling about 9 percent of […]

Bankruptcy Will Not Save You From Spousal Support Payments

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy to avoid paying your spousal support, you might need to think again. Like student loan debt, spousal support cannot be discharged in bankruptcy proceedings. Bankruptcy Will Not Save You From Spousal Support Payments Under United States Bankruptcy Code (Title 11 of the United States Code) Section 523 [a] discharge […]

A Credit Card Debt Trick

Credit card debt can be overwhelming, unless you know one little trick: nearly 8 out of 10 credit card holders that ask their credit card companies for a lower interest rate are actually granted their request. A Credit Card Debt Trick When you’re facing high amounts of credit card debt, it can feel as if […]

Protect Yourself From “Too Good To Be True” Debt Consolidation

There’s no doubt that debt is a huge problem in the United States. But an even bigger problem are the companies that offer “too good to be true” debt consolidation. If you’re facing large amounts of debt, you need to know how to protect yourself from companies that are only out to make a dollar […]

HARP Extended Through 2018

For those struggling to keep their homes, it’s a relief to hear that HARP has been extended through December 31, 2018. Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) The government offers the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) to help you refinance. This is a federal program that was created by the Federal Housing Finance Agency in March […]

Toys R Us Announces Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Toys R Us has announced it will be filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Toys R Us Announces Chapter 11 Bankruptcy The Wayne New Jersey-based toy retailer announced it will be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday in an attempt to relieve itself of the debt left over from its 2005 $6.6 billion […]

Bankruptcy to Stop Creditor Lawsuits

Falling behind in credit card debt does not just mean the potential of bankruptcy, it can also lead you to a lawsuit. When you fall behind on your credit card payments, your credit card company has a legal right to file a lawsuit against you. Bankruptcy to Stop Creditor Lawsuits If you have been sued […]

Bankruptcy and Investment Property

What happens to my investment or rental property when I file for bankruptcy? Short answer: the outcome depends on if you are filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Investment Property During Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a bankruptcy trustee cancels most if not all of your debts. This is often done through […]

Loan Mods, Short Sales, and Ways to Avoid Foreclosure

A loan modification can help a struggling homeowner who is unable to make his or her mortgage payment. They can be used to avoid foreclosure, short sales, and even refinances. Qualifications and Benefits with Loan Modification If you are considering a loan modification you’ll need to know if you qualify and how it will benefit […]

Understanding Chapter 7, 11, and 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy means seeking help to get back on strong financial footing. That often means forfeiting some of your property through the process of liquidating your assets. But specifically what happens to your property in bankruptcy is entirely based on what form of bankruptcy you file for, and there are various forms of bankruptcy that people file for. […]