Are you overwhelmed by student loan debt and looking for financial relief? While in most cases, student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, the attorneys at Simon Resnik Hayes LLP, can help you explore debt relief options that can make your situation much easier to bear. We are experienced bankruptcy lawyers who have helped numerous clients throughout the Los Angeles area achieve their debt relief goals.Call 888.368.4099 or contact us online for a free consultation with a California bankruptcy lawyer. It could be your first step on the road to debt relief.

When Are Student Loans Dischargeable?

Student loans are only dischargeable in bankruptcy if you can prove to a judge that you have an “undue hardship” that makes it impossible for you to pay your debt. Examples of an undue hardship include a disability that is severe enough that it prevents you from working.

What Can Bankruptcy Do?

If you do not meet the undue hardship criteria, bankruptcy can still help you in important ways. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can restructure your student loans along with other debt into a manageable three- to five-year payment plan.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate your other debts such as credit card and medical bills, giving you some breathing room, so you can better manage your student loan debt.

Every situation is different. Our bankruptcy lawyers will work with you personally to craft a debt relief strategy that meets your unique goals and helps you get your student loan debt under control.

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