Not All Debts Are Eliminated in Bankruptcy

The government understands that sometimes people need a fresh financial start. However, it strikes a balance between the need to forgive and repay certain debts. While bankruptcy is a legal way for individuals and businesses to eliminate or pay down debt, it does not discharge all debts.

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Nondischargeable Debts in a California Bankruptcy

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy prohibit the discharge of certain debts. These generally include:

  • Debts not listed in a bankruptcy petition
  • Child support payments
  • Most spousal support payments
  • Certain student loans
  • Criminal fines
  • Court fees
  • Debts for personal injury resulting from driving while intoxicated
  • Recent federal, state and local taxes
  • Condominium or cooperative housing fees

The Bankruptcy Code is complex. To get trusted answers to all your bankruptcy questions, speak with our attorneys. We know the bankruptcy laws from the inside out. Using our knowledge of the law, we will work to help you start rebuilding your financial future on more solid ground.

Get the Straight Facts About Bankruptcy

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